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Snap Pack Mailers give the impression of official or important mail that requires immediate attention


Why are snap pack mailers so successful?

  • Official Look and feel: Snap pack mailers look official and give the perception that the document is important, urgent, or has time sensitive information. Snap mailers use variable data merges, such as the recipient’s name, spouse's name, address, lender name, or other personal facts merged into the copy that “speak” to the recipient and drive a higher response rate.


Click on the links below to see some Snap Pack Mailer designs for various different offers.



Basic Layout


Return Envelope 


Outside Eagle 


Outside Capital


Tri-Fold Statue of Liberty


Bi-Fold Statue of Liberty 


Loan Modification-Foreclosure






HARP 2.0


Loan Modification-2





All Snap packs can be customized to your exact specifications. Any of elements in the above samples

can be mixed and matched or we can design something specifically for your offer.


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