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Snap Pack Samples


Return envelope snap pack mailers have a detachable return envelope built into the mailer.

The recipient can send in a payment or fill out a form and send it back in an attached return

envelope with your return address pre-printed on it.


We also mail merge the recipient's name or a customer ID on back of the return

envelope so there is never any mistake of exactly who responded to your offer.


You can use return envelope snap mailers to request payments or have your prospects fill out

a perforated information request form that can be easily detached and put into the return envelope.


They are preferable to tear off z-fold postcards because the recipient is putting their information
request into a return envelope and their information remains completely private.


Return envelope snap packs are also prefect for requesting payments. The recipient simply encloses
a check in the return envelope. Their name and/or customer number is merged onto the back of return


Return Envelope Snap Pack mailer









Top half can be used for marketing copy or a tear off form and the

bottom half is a detachable return envelope.



Snap pack mailers with an attached return envelope can save you about 15 cents per piece from the normal envelope within another envelope system that has been used for the past 50 years.


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