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Snap Pack Pricing


We charge 48 cents per snap pack mailer. Price includes: printing, sealable

forms, addressing, two variable date merges and standard postage. Mailing

list is extra and priced according to the different criteria chosen.


Average cost is 58 to 65 cents per piece all inclusive. Price depends on mailing

list criteria. There is a $25 fee per mail merge for all variable data merges after

the first two. Your first two mail merges are free ... 2500 piece minimum order.


There is a 2 cent per piece surcharge for orders less than 5000 pieces


Snap Mailer Prices For a Typical Project


Item Unit Cost   Total Units  Total Cost



.48 5,000 $2400


Snap Mailer Forms (Pre Printed & Glued)







Laser Printer Overlay .05 5,000 $250
Pressure Seal Form .01 5,000 $50
Folding .01 5,000 $50
Data Hygiene / NCOA / CASS certify .03 5,000 $150
Base (Pre-Sorting and Delivery) .03 5,000 $150
Postage – Standard Delivery .28 5,000 $1400


Other Snap Pack Mailer Costs:


  • Layout and design for unique designs: $50 - $100
  • Mailing List. Prices vary depending on criteria chosen



These prices reflect using a pre printed shell that we have agreed upon.

An unique design for outer shell incurs extra design fee


Quantity Price breaks at 10,000 – 20,000 and 50,000 pieces


If you would like to receive a quote , please fill out the contact us form or give

us a call at 1-954-312-8130. Please be specific with your instructions.




QR Codes

Upon request we will embed a QR code into your snap pack for the recipients to scan

with their smart phones and be directed to your web site. This gives you added web site

traffic in conjunction with inbound calls.


We provide a unique QR code link to your company's web site free of charge. It is always

advantageous to give the recipients of your mailer another means of responding to your offer.




Take a look at some snap pack samples and see why 75% of our business is repeat business.




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