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List Hygiene and Enhancement




NCOA (National Change of Address) will update any mailing list with the new address of anyone who has moved within the past 4 years.


If you do direct mail advertising, you should NCOA your marketing lists to avoid unnecessary postage and printing costs by sending mail to bad addresses.


We also recommend that you NCOA lists prior to using our Phone Appending Service to increase the number of valid phone numbers you receive.


NCOA services


Phone Number Append


We will append valid phone numbers to any mailing list or update new phone numbers on older lists. We also verify existing phone numbers before appending the new number if it has changed. Our software also flags any record that appears on any State, or Federal Do Not Call list. We can phone append to residential, business and/or cell phones


For the past 12 years our proprietary matching technology has given our clients access to 12 separate and unique sources of telephone data which maximizing your match rate and eliminates false matches..


We check and cross check every element of information to ensure validity and currency. We verify it multiple times,from multiple sources. Only then do we give it to you. 


We continually analyze how to make our data more current, and more accurate.




Phone Append Pricing

(You pay only for matched records)


Number of Records

Next Day Turnaround

Minimum Order


< 75,000

$23.00/M Appended

75M - 300M

$19.50/M Appended

300M - 1MM

$16.50/M Appended

> 1MM

Please Call



 email address appending



E-Mail Address Append


We can append consumer or residential email addresses to any list that has a contact name and street address. Our email address append service appends a valid email address on up to 60%
of the records of any mailing list.


We can also append business emails to your b2b marketing lists.



Email Address Append Pricing

(You pay only for the appended records)

Number of Records

5 Business Days Turnaround

Minimum Order



$120.00/M Appended

75M - 1MM

$105.00/M Appended

> 1MM

Please Call



Area Code Update


Update new area codes to any telemarketing list. There have been 183 area code changes and additions since 2001. We will update any new area codes going back to 1999.


Do Not Call List Scrub


Scrubbing telemarketing lists against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a matter of survival. Fines for calling individuals on the FTC no-call list are $10,000 per occurrence. We purge or flag all State and FTC no-call names from your lists at a nominal fee.


We walk you through the compliance procedure for these lists and make sure that your company is always in compliance with any new telemarketing laws enacted. We also will purge against the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) No Call list of persons who have asked not to be solicited by phone.





Call us until 6pm EST for list clean-up or phone append and email append services.



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