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About our Company


We have done 100s of different snap mailer campaigns for many different industries and different types of offers.


We use innovative designs that get your mailer opened and benefit laden copy with variable data merges that get

your offer read and responded to.



Innovative Snap Pack mailers that look "official" using iconic imagery on the front in conjunction with pertinent mail merges that directly relate to each recipient.


Each and every snap pack mailer can be personalized to the recipient of each mailer using data merged from targeted mailing lists. You can merge any field of information relatable to the recipient into the sales copy. Information about their home, car, loans, children or any other pertinent information that makes your marketing offer read like a hand written letter from a trusted friend rather than a mass marketing piece..


Tell us about what industry you are in, the demographics of your ideal customers, and what you are trying to achive and we will put together a design with some responsive marketing copy for you to hoist up the flag pole to see if anyone salutes.


Call us today and we can have a proof in your hand tomorrow.


Snap packs can be used for any type of offer. The official look and feel of a snap pack mailer gets them are opened at a 95% rate. We off free design services and three free mail merges



The entire 8 x 11 full page on flip side of the snap pack is available for advertising sales copy.



          Dimensions - 8" x 11" folded in half to make a 5.5 x 8 inch snap pack mailer.

Snap Pack Layout

Please call (954) 312-8130 or use the contact form and we will send you some samples of the inside layout
and sales copy of different snap pack mailers specific to your type of sales offer. We only show the outside
covers of our snap pack mailers on this web site.


Call until 6pm EST everyday for direct mail advertising ideas.



Sales Desk ... (954) 312-8130      9am - 6pm (M to F) Eastern Time Zone