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Snap Pack Mailer Samples

Click below to view samples of some snap pack mailer designs .

Remember that everything is customizeable. Nothing is written in stone. You can use a proven pre existing design or we will design something that appeals specifically to your target audience.


Snap Pack Mailer Pricing

Please click on the link below to see basic pricing structure or use the contact us link at top of page to request a custom quote or mailing list count.

All inquiries will be answered within 1 hour during normal business hours Monday to Friday 9 to 6.


Snap Pack Mail Advertising

Newspaper readership and TV ratings are in decline. Direct Mail Advertising using targeted snap pack mailers is your most productive advertising option.

Snap Pack Mailers outperform postcards and conventional sales letters in response rate and ROI..


Variety of Snap Pack Mailers available

We have been providing targeted mailing lists and responsive direct mail advertising for 17 years.



We offer a variety of different snap pack mailers to fit your needs. You can use a standard snap pack that contains your marketing copy and benefits on the inside with a phone number, email or QR code (usually all 3) as a means for your prospects to respond to your offer..


Or use snap pack mailers with a tear off reply card or a snap pack with a detachable return envelope . The envelope detaches along a perforated line and is ready to mail back to you. Your address is pre-printed on the face of the return envelope portion of the snap pack. Simply detach and seal the pre-glued flap


Return envelope snap pack mailers are perfect for any type of offer where you want the recipient to mail you back a check or a form they have filled out.




After 16 years and hundreds of snap pack mailer campaigns . We know what works.  We know the proper

demographics for your mailing list and what marketing copy people respond to. 


That is why we focus on snap pack mailers utilizing variable data (mail merge) printing. We will still do postcard orders, but our suggestion to 80% of our clients is to advertise with a snap pack mailer.


Postcards are still a great marketing option for driving people to a retail brick and mortar locations like pizza, hair, nails, beauty, fast food, clothing or service businesses like heating/ac, pest control and home improvement, but we recommend advertising with snap packs for almost every other type of marketing offer.


We also provide targeted Mailing lists and list enhancement services ...


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NCOA mailing lists to avoid postage/printing costs sending mail to old undeliverable addresses.